Long range drone camera control system (DCCS)

This is my idea of ​​a wireless camera control system placed on the UAV platform (drone).
A few years of experience gained during the construction of unmanned aerial vehicles prompted me to develop a system concept that would meet the following assumptions: *

  • Digital image transmission from the camera placed on the drone,
  • The ability to change the ISO sensitivity, aperture, shutter speed, white balance etc …,
  • Possibility of Autofocus control and indication of the autofocus area,
    ZOOM control of the camera,
  • Possibility to send additional telemetry data or additional control for devices on the UAV board,
  • System coverage: 1-2 km in free airspace.

Parent goal:
Stage I: Development of a fully functional system prototype.
Stage 2: Product development, creation of own dedicated application / adaptation to already existing applications (Tower).

Project status:
The system is in the concept phase and after the market analysis phase, concerning the components and technologies necessary to run the prototype and then carry out practical tests.

As the creator of the system, being a private person, I have very limited opportunities to finance the venture. All persons willing to support the project are invited to voluntarily pay any amounts to the “zrzutka.pl”

The financial target was set at a very low level PLN 800 (222$). Obtaining this goal will allow you to top up the budget to the extent that you can start work on the hardwares – purchase of key elements of the system and preliminary tests of project assumptions.

Why is it worth it?:
1. There are no solutions on the UAV market enabling full control for professional / semi-professional cameras. Products existing on the market enable the transmission of the image to the ground station itself, or the same control – by sending commands – without preview.
2. The first stage of the fundraiser is the key stage, because I will get the answer to the basic question – is it possible to meet the project assumptions. I can get it at a low cost and in a short time – and a working prototype will be a guarantee for raising further funds for the development of the final product, and its development.

I encourage you to support the project, every one counts, even the smallest payment.

* assumptions and functions of the system depending on the manufacturer of the camera, the above assumptions were adopted for the popular Sony NEX-5R camera.